2019 - 2020 MBAA Board Elections

The time has come for the 2019 - 2020 MBAA Board Elections! Board member positions are open to full-time, first-year, dues-paying MBAA members. Elections will be held on Monday, April 22, where all candidates will give a 3 - 5 minute speech for their classmates, the current MBAA Board, and the MBA staff. Voting will then occur online after each candidate has shared their platform.

Descriptions of the available board positions are outlined below. If you are interested in running, please complete the application form below by Friday, April 12.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at mbaa.lsu@outlook.com.

MBAA Board Positions

President: The president is responsible for leading the board toward success and overseeing organizational goals, growth, and achievements. The president also serves as a liaison between the MBA program and MBA staff.

Vice President: The vice president is responsible for supporting the president in executive decisions and assisting in board members’ plans and efforts organizational goals.

Secretary: The secretary supports the board through record-keeping, tracking progress of MBAA goals and projects, and providing agendas for board meetings.

Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for managing the MBAA funds and budget, including membership dues, event budgets, and bookkeeping.

Communication Chair: The communication chair is responsible for managing the MBAA brand, internal and external communication (email, social media, etc.) regarding MBA- and MBAA-related news, MBAA website, and graphic design.

Event and Philanthropy Co-Chairs (2): The event and philanthropy co-chairs are responsible for planning, organizing, and leading all MBAA-led events and philanthropy efforts for members and students from all tracks of the MBA program.

Professional Development Chair: The professional development chair provides opportunities for MBA students to further develop professionalism skills through events such as lunch and learns and networking opportunities. The professional development chair may also serve as an aid to the MBA office for case competitions.

International Chair: The international chair is responsible for building a network between international and domestic MBA students through events such as international potlucks and trivia nights.

Recreation Chair: The recreation chair is responsible for organizing and managing the MBAA intramural teams throughout the year.